Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bothered by cellphone during Salah (prayers)? Here's a solution


So often the phone rings during congregational prayers in mosques these days that is no more a novelty. Hardly a prayer is prayed these days without an interruption. Inspite of repeated pleas by the Imam Sahib (prayer leader) before every prayer, the trend continues unabated. One possible reason why many people maybe reluctant to switch or put their phones on silent is that they might forget to turn it back on after the prayers. Trust me, this has happened to me so many times that I started to look for a solution. Which I found  after I hit the Google Play. (Note: this works for only for Android smartphones but you can look for similar solutions for Apple, Windows phones as well)

Enter Silent Timer

So the solution I chose was an app that would automatically bring the phone back to normal state after a reasonable amount of time. I am referring to Silent Timer. Yes, the app looks ugly but it does what it says. I know there are more fancy apps out there that also allow scheduling, but this apps simplicity really lured me. All I need to before every prayer now is a simple click and the rest would take care of itself.
Main interface (single screen) of Silent Timer
Hope you try this and pray worry-free. Let us all try to make our mosques and prayer places free from noise pollution and honour them as they are deemed to. 

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