Sunday, June 19, 2016

When EasyPaisa is actually Mushkil Paisa - Part 1

Today I got stopped by traffic cops (the White Police as some would call them) at Hassan Square as I turned left towards University Road. I usually keep the following handy lest these be required for rainy days like today:

  1. Original CNIC: Often works like a charm and avoids unnecessary complications associated with photocopies. Furthermore, for Karachites, it is compulsory to carry one as requested by Rangers.
  2. Driving License (also pronounced as Lesance): Goes without saying, is compulsory and a must. Can't think of a driving license chilling at home and while you are prawling the streets in the city in your autmobile, can you?
  3. Original Car Registration Document: This could be the leaf page (recommended) found in your original book or the book itself if the flying leaf is missing. This is almost the 1st or the 2nd thing any cop would ask for. In my case, I carry both as I got my car transferred to my name and the leaf carries the name of the original owner so I need to have the Book as well to show my ownership.
  4. Tax Payment Receipt: This is also very important. Insure the tax is paid in the the period you are driving. Can lead to a Traffic Chalan.
  5. 3rd Party Insurance: Don't know why its important other than saving from a Traffic Chalan
So this ladies and gentleman, is the list of documents I insure are present in the car and on my person to face up to any police contingent in the city. Unfortunately, today my luck ran out as I didn't find the last item on the list above ie 3rd Party Insurance. I tried to talk sense to the traffic police officer who was actually adamant to get me stuck with some sort of a challan. When I mistakenly showed him a booklet that looked like a 3rd Party Insurance, he inquired for the insurance's expiry date(Imagine the length they would go to find some excuse to book you). He favoured me in one account by charging for an offence that cost less, No. 36 which is turning a wrong direction (I noticed this later). Hence instead of Rs.500 for the original offence, I was slated to pay Rs.150 for the reduced offence. 

Now on a Sunday afternoon with few shops open, on a Ramdhan weekend at noon time, I was left with an EasyPaisa chalan to show for my license. Hence began the actual ordeal which compelled to compose this blogpost.

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