Friday, May 12, 2017

Parenting Policy (ERDC - PTCC Batch 29)

Generic Parenting Policy
(Group Members: Ibrahim, Shahana, Sharique, Omar, Nida & 1 more sister)
Age 0-2 years:
·         Maximum possible availability of primary caregiver in the baby’s life will be ensured
·         A child-safe physical environment will be maintained during the first 2 years
·         A distraction-free environment will be provided
·         The child and his environs would be kept as clean and hygienic as possible
·         No processed food would be introduced during the first 2 years of life.
·         The baby would be protected for all events avoidable screen time.

Age 2-7 years
·         Maximum opportunities will be provided  to the child to experience nature
·          Ample opportunities of play would be provided to the child
·         The child would be engaged in reflective conversation and meaningful storytelling for transfer of values.
·         Reading opportunities and books would be made available
·         Basic knowledge about Islam would be introduced (Allah, Prophet SAW, Duas, Kalima,etc)
·         Screen time would be kept to a minimum
·         Intake of processed food would be kept to a minimize pro

Age 7-12
·         Formal education would be introduced for basic language and mathematics skills
·         The child would be engaged in meaningful activities as much as possible
·         The child would be consciously involved in meaningful social interactions
·         Basic computer skills would be introduced.
·         Concept of gender and age-appropriate conduct towards opposite gender would be introduced
·         Extensive support for reading would be provided
·         Ample opportunities for observing friend’s circles would be created
·         Knowledge about acts of worship would be imparted

Age 12- 15

·         Parents would consciously move from instruction-mode to suggestion-mode
·         Responsibilities as per ability and gender would be assigned
·         Child would be made stewards of certain roles within the family
·         The child would be provided appropriate means to acquire adequate knowledge about puberty and related matters

Age 15-19
·         Ample opportunities for family engagement an bonding would be created
·         The child would be married off to a suitable match.

Valuable points from the other group:
-          Involve child in voluntary wok
-          Involve child in some sort of social service.

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